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News for the year 2023
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DOLE awards livelihood assistance to former conflict-ridden community in Cagayan Province2023-05-29
DOLE awards P1.2M Kabuhayan Starter Kits and NegoKarts to 31 underemployed workers in Cagaya2023-05-29
DOLE conducts series of TUPAD pay-out to 1,770 beneficiaries in Cagayan Valley2023-05-29
DOLE, PESO Ilagan conducts JobStart orientation to 83 Trainees in Isabela2023-05-26
DOLE conducts capacity building to 60 Union Officers in Cagayan Valley2023-05-26
3,640 marginalized workers receive P15.2M salary in Cagayan2023-05-26
DOLE conducts GIP orientation to 324 interns of Cagayan Province2023-05-25
DOLE RO2 eyes Tuguegarao City as pilot area for TAV roll-out 2023-05-24
613 TUPAD beneficiaries receive P3M salary in Isabela2023-05-24
PESOMACV, DOLE RO2 hold 2nd Quarterly Meeting 2023-05-23
2,618 TUPAD beneficiaries in Isabela receive over P11.8M salaries2023-05-23
Capacity-building for new labor inspection framework held for Labor Inspectors and Assistant Labor I2023-05-12
125th Philippine Independence Day activities set in CagVal2023-05-12
DOLE holds LEES and employment coaching to 1,400 high school students of Nueva Vizcaya2023-05-09
DOLE RO2 facilitates 2023 Labor Day Job Fair in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya2023-05-09
DOLE conducts pay-out to 104 TUPAD beneficiaries in Batanes2023-05-09
2,788 Cagayano displaced workers receive P14.6M during Labor Day TUPAD payouts2023-05-09
191 Nueva Vizcaya Cagayanos avail of P4.3M in Kabuhayan Starter Kits from DOLE2023-05-03
Kuya Kenneth Burgers’ Journey: Tenacious entrepreneur sets the wheels in motion2023-05-03
202 Hired-on-the-Spot in DOLE Region 02's 2023 Labor Day Job Fair2023-05-01
Ilagan City holds JobStart Employers’ Forum2023-04-26
DOLE, LGU launches first GIP-Mobile Project in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya2023-04-19
DOLE brief employers in Region 2 for Labor Day Celebration2023-04-19
DOLE awards P3.1M to 500 TUPAD workers from Solano, Nueva Vizcaya2023-04-17
DOLE assists Jones, Isabela's GIN-C Juice Drinks 2023-04-17
OIC-RD Atal, Jr. takes helm from RD Gonzales, Leaño II in as Assistant Regional Director for DOLE RO2023-04-14
1,075 displaced workers receive TUPAD salaries in Cagayan 2023-04-13
DOLE’s SEnA facilitates payment of P534K in monetary claims of Tuguegarao City worker2023-04-05
JCI Tuguegarao Ybanag, DOLE hold 1st Project Trabaho Job fair in Tuguegarao City2023-04-04
CV PUB ITC holds 1st Quarter Meeting, revs up for stronger transportation industry2023-04-03
DOLE, Office of Congressman Tan team-up to pay TUPAD salaries of 1,126 Santiago City beneficiaries2023-03-31
LGUs’ Echague and Jones hold 1st quarter ender job fairs2023-03-31
DOLE RO2 holds orientation and onboarding for new employees2023-03-31
1,699 marginalized workers receive TUPAD salaries in Quirino2023-03-29
DOLE orients 3,178 marginalized workers on TUPAD program implementation in Quirino Province2023-03-29
Breaking steel, bending mirrors: A local glazier’s story of success through challenges2023-03-29
3,707 Cagayan workers receive TUPAD assistance, profiles 8,842 more2023-03-27
63 displaced transport workers receive P900K DOLE livelihood subsidies in Isabela2023-03-27
DOLE, LGU San Mariano holds Labor Education Seminar to 4 National High Schools in Isabela2023-03-20
Four workers in Tuguegarao City receive P83K thru DOLE’s Labor Inspection Program2023-03-20
UCV law students get first-hand orientation on alternative dispute resolution2023-03-20
DOLE awards over P600K worth of Kabuhayan starter kits to 33 beneficiaries in Angadanan, Isabela2023-03-20
DOLE holds AEP Capacity Building for Accredited Personnel and Employer’s Authorized Representatives 2023-03-14
21 Novo Vizcayano jeepney drivers and operators receive P600K worth of DOLE starter kits assistance2023-03-13
DOLE 342K worth of assistance for 13 JobStart partners in Santiago City2023-03-13
DOLE’s TUPAD to provide emergency employment assistance to Cagayan LGBTQIA+ members2023-03-07
DOLE provides Labor and Employment Education Services to 153 King’s College of the Philippines gradu2023-03-07
DOLE’s JobStart program secures employment of 49 youth jobseekers2023-03-03
52 Novo Vizcayano jeepney drivers and operators benefit from P1.5M worth of DOLE starter kits2023-03-02
Three Cagayan workers receive P88K in monetary benefits through swift DOLE intervention2023-03-01
Quirino workers obtain over half a million worth of monetary claims thru SENA2023-03-01
DOLE RO2 bags national awards for CY 2022 inspection excellence2023-02-14
DOLE-IFO augments income of 30 Dinapigue workers through P400K worth of group livelihood project2023-02-13
DOLE readies 352 Quirino GIP benefs looming government work 2023-02-13
P265K in unpaid benefits received by three Sanchez Mira workers2023-02-13
DOLE partners with LGU-Cabarroguis to reduce locality’s high unemployment rate 2023-02-08
DOLE-IFO to deploy over 200 GIP interns in Isabela province after successful orientation2023-02-03
DOLE-QFO registers 133 establishments in weeklong Business One Stop Shop activity2023-02-02
From the typical to the extraordinary: tracing a GIP intern’s path to becoming a full-fledged agricu2023-02-01
340 Novo Vizcayanos avail of P1.3M in TUPAD assistance2023-02-01
Ilagan City holds LES for its city employees2023-01-26
DOLE to provide additional GIP and TUPAD support to DENR's environmental protection campaign2023-01-26
Displaced jeepney drivers and operators in Nueva Vizcaya receive P900K worth of starter kits2023-01-25
DOLE awards P27.4M for 1,422 TUPAD and GIP benefs, holds job fair netting significant hired-on-the-s2023-01-24
DOLE RO2 launches 5S . . .2023-01-23
Nueva Vizcaya launches first ever LGU-funded GIP2023-01-17
LGU Sanchez Mira’s PESO conducts Business Forum focusing on Labor Standards and Labor Relations 2023-01-16
DOLE-QFO pays salaries of 361 SPES beneficiaries in Quirino2023-01-13
DOLE R02 aims to harmonize CagVal’s different industry sectors and manpower ...2023-01-11
DOLE in North Luzon gears for 2023 summit to balance employment with labor2023-01-11
Quirino child laborers receive gifts through DOLE's Project Angel Tree2023-01-04
3,077 Novo Vizcayanos received P18.4M in TUPAD assistance ...2023-01-04
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