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Defying the odds of life: An attorney’s story of success through challenges


While some associate challenges as limiting success, Attorney Vernon Ged Avillanoza Manuel, who recently passed the BAR examination last May 12, 2022, defines tests as a necessary ingredient of success.

Attorney Ged from Aglipay, Quirino, was a former beneficiary of the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES), a program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that aims to provide temporary employment to youths to help their family and to ensure that they continue to pursue their education, assigned to clean surroundings of the Municipal Town Hall of Aglipay where he is currently residing from 2013 to 2014.

He fondly says that besides the financial assistance afforded to him through SPES, his experience in DOLE taught him that hard work and perseverance are essential towards achieving dreams. It also taught him humility and kindness, traits that he would later need to tackle the challenges of life head on.

Attorney Ged is no stranger to challenges, first shifting to a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting Technology just before graduation after being unable to meet the quota for the Accountancy program that was his first choice for a course. But instead of being dismayed by the setback, he used it as fuel to persevere some more.

As if the initial setback wasn’t enough, he also had to deal with mental breakdowns as a result of a rigorous schooling schedule when he was taking up law and just after hurdling his collegiate degree. These rigorous activities included not being able to sit down unless his law teachers were satisfied with his answers.

He was also faced with the challenge of being unable to purchase his books because of a tight budget, recalling a time when he was a college student and he initiatively paid for his own tuition to help his parents financially, something that he continued to do as he supported his studies throughout law school.

Despite the numerous rejections Ged received, he believed that he will eventually achieve something great, and so he did. Struggling consistently for years, his skills and passion turned his failures into triumph. His dedication and consistency paved his way towards success. He received a Juris Doctor degree in 2021 and immediately passed the BAR exams. He is now an epitome to youths that inspire them to endeavor to achieve their dreams.  

Persevere in everything you do. The world is tough but you are tougher. Just hold on to your core and always believe in yourself, because if you do, you are halfway there,” Ged said. ###

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