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DOLE-CFO holds first project livelihood turn over ceremony for 60 beneficiaries in Abulug, Cagayan



Abulug, Cagayan - The DOLE-CFO holds their first livelihood project turn-over to Local Government Units (LGU) of Abulug by Hon. Jesus Florencio A. Vargas through PESO Manager Ms. Rochelyn C. Bautista to achieve the DOLE’s endeavor on poverty reduction to vulnerable, providing the marginalized workers an access to livelihood undertakings.

A total of 60 officers and members benefited the livelihood project turn-over on March 31, 2022. After a year of operation, beneficiaries have shown gradual development in their economic situation. The turn-over ceremony was done through signing of Deed of Donation between DOLE and LGU of Abulug as Accredited Co-Partner. The DOLE-CFO through the leadership of Ms. Liezel P. Magno initiated the turnover of equipment to officers and members of Abulug Dragon Fruit Producers Association and Tayak Agri-Fishery Producers Associations respectively last.

The members from the two associations extended their gratitude towards the unceasing support of the Department through their LGU to uplift their lives.

“I am beyond grateful that the year after the awarding of your livelihood operation, I can say that there is a significant change that happened in your lives, through the project. Most of you were able to suffice their needs daily. My heart was moved seeing everyone, making an improvement. Your hard work and dedication is starting to pay you. Continue to work for your dreams, work with so much passion and perseverance, so that success will work for you. Continue what you have started, soar even higher and our Department will be the wind beneath your wings.” Ms. Magno said during the turn-over ceremony.

All equipment purchased by the DOLE as part of livelihood assistance shall be turned over to the proponent ACP after one year from the start of implementation through a Deed of Donation provided that the project is still in operation as indicated under the Department Order 173-17. ###

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