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Focused Group Discussion (FGD) reveals former rebels’ need for becoming self-reliant


17 associations of Former Rebels (FRs) in San Mariano town in Isabela province had participated in the Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) recently facilitated by the staffs from the Field Office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the province to gather and analyze all the essential information to hasten the integration of these group of individuals into the mainstream of economic life.

More than 50 FRs represented the 17 associations shared their concerns and urgent needs towards building their confidence to achieve the kind of life they all deserve.

The first level of the discussion was the recitation of their associations’ goals for familiarity and evaluation of their performance in achieving them. Moreover, FDG provided time to identify the associations’ issues and concerns and their needs and find solutions to their predicaments.

Most of the concerns pertain to lack of skills and competencies which resulted to difficulty in acquiring jobs, lack of capital to start own livelihood projects, poor transportation facilities especially those in the rural area, and lack of knowledge on organizational management.

There are 500 rebel returnees and affected individuals in the 17 influenced barangays, but only 91 of them were able to attend seminars and training on moral recovery and attended lectures on Philippine history and socioeconomic theories, and entrepreneurship training.

The most prevalent reasons of the FRs for not being able to find employment after the relevant training and seminars attended were: “lack the capital to start own business” (Rank 1), “lack time” (Rank 2), “housekeeping” (Rank 3), “want to work but not looking for a job” (Rank 4), “too old to work” (Rank 5), “think/believe that no job is available” (Rank 6) and “disability/sickness” (Rank 7).

As part of the DOLE’s interventions in partnership with LGU San Mariano through the PESO, the identification of feasible livelihood projects was conducted and the associations’ representatives were taught to write their own project proposals. However, before downloading the assistance to the associations, members will first undergo comprehensive sessions on Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT) to equip them with relevant skills in managing their own projects.

Most of the livelihood project proposals are on Agriculture Inputs Sales and Rice Retailing. There were 17 project proposals finalized in the session with a total project cost of P500K each or a total of 8.5 million pesos’ worth of livelihood projects ready for submission to the regional office. ###

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