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DOLE-CFO profiled 3,939 informal workers for TUPAD program

DOLE-Cagayan Field Office conducted a 6-day series of gathering data for Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD) program in Cagayan Province. A total of 3,939 underemployed workers from the informal sector were gathered from 14 various municipalities.

The underemployed workers are given a 10-day emergency employment by performing community clean-up in their respective barangays and beautification of tourist activity areas in their municipalities. The workers will be remunerated with a 370/day rate and provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) specifically, long sleeve shirts and hats.

DOLE-CFO staff oriented the beneficiaries in occupational safety and health (OSH) to apprise them of the health protocols that must be observed to eliminate possible risks in occupational hazards for the workers prior to profiling.

Moreover, it was also highlighted in the orientation that beneficiaries are covered with group personal accident insurance to address the questions and concerns of beneficiaries. Although the workers are insured for the duration of their work contract, the insurance is limited to work-related injuries suffered during their working hours as prescribed by the guidelines set by Department Order 219-20.

DOLE-CFO Acting Supervising Labor and Employment Officer Ms. Liezel Magno highlighted that senior citizens with ages 60 to 75 years old are to be beneficiaries, but if he is not capable of rendering work, the worker will be disqualified. Hence, securing a fit-to-work certification from their municipal health office is necessary. ###

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