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Success story: From former GIP intern to future veterinarian


Kung bumagsak man sa una, tumayo ulit at tumakbo, habulin ang pangarap, huwag sasayangin ang oras at panahon.”

To become a successful nurse had been Recto L. Allapitan’s childhood dream. He had this clear vision that he would make a life tending those in need of medical care. Poverty, on the other hand, kept coming his way and clouding his vision. But being the determined person that he is, he decided to try his luck outside his hometown and ventured both in Isabela Province and Solano, Nueva Vizcaya in hopes of finding opportunities for educational support. He had to juggle his education with several jobs, ranging from housework to taking laundry, yet he still managed to graduate from high school as a scholar, achieving one of his many life goals.

Driven by his hunger for success and hope, he knew he wouldn’t just stop pursuing his goals one after another. The question of what next to pursue has made a deep mark in him and kept the fire in his heart burning.

This fire highly motivated him to achieve another goal, and that is to finish college.

Motto ko noon ay isa akong katulong pero naka-graduate ako,’” says Allapitan.

He landed his first job as a gasoline boy. Having enough capacity to finally sustain his family’s financial needs, he still had plenty of room to do more in his life, his passion, and undying dreams.

Another passion that Allapitan has is rendering service to the public, and the Government Internship Program (GIP) in the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Solano helped him realize this.

Greatly astonished by the news of being accepted in the program, he started to pursue his career as an intern in the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Solano. Working as an intern in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as a GIP beneficiary fueled his desire to advance in his profession significantly. Contracts, like fantastic books with sad endings, are supposed to come to an end. Allapitan emphasized how both organizations, LGU Solano and DOLE, and their programs assisted him in achieving the goals he believed he would never attain. A sari-sari store for his parents, a poultry business, and a new employment position as a job order are just a few of what he has achieved with the assistance of the agency.

Naging job order ako ng tatlong buwan [tapos], nakita nila ’yung [kakayahan] ko, nakita nila ’yung dedication ko bilang public servant sa LGU ng Solano. After noong time na naging part ako ng Government Internship Program... [tapos] naging casual [employee] na ako. After one year na naging casual ako, napakalaki ng naging tulong ng [pagiging] casual [employee ko] kasi sa LGU Solano, casual [employee] is similar to a permanent position,” said Allapitan in a personal interview.

Attaining a lot in life, yet Allapitan still dreams for more. With a firm heart and mind, he wanted to pursue Veterinary Medicine. Landing a permanent position helps him to enroll in his dream program at Nueva Vizcaya State University.

Allapitan was once a youth who seemed to have no chances in life, but he persevered to prove himself. On his experience, he has one thing to say for the youths who are in the same situation:

Sa mga [taong] gustong makamit ang kanilang pangarap sa buhay, huwag kayong magtago, huwag niyong itago ’yung [kakayahan] niyo. Kayo man ay [may] iba’t-ibang kurso or hindi man nakatapos ng college or vocational.., huwag kayong mahiya mag-apply sa gobyerno lalo na sa DOLE. Karapatan din ninyong mga kabataan[g] maipakita ’yung gusto niyong gawin sa buhay, para matulungan [niyo] ’yung mga magulang niyo,” Allapitan advised.

When asked what he would say to his younger self, Allapitan seems at a loss for words, as he is amazed by how far he has come, from a poor farmer's kid to a future veterinarian.

The impact of realizing someone’s potential helped a lot of people like Allapitan to reach their goals. An opportunity outside one’s comfort zone is a challenge to test one’s determination and willingness to reach one’s dreams and aspirations. 

“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.” — Herb Brooks

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