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DOLE empowers Quirino students and workers through LEES

True to its mandate of promoting industrial peace in the workplace, the DOLE-Quirino Field Office (QFO), through its Labor Relations Unit, conducted a series of labor education seminars to some students and workers in the province recently. 

The first activity took place at Luttuad Gymnasium on February 22, 2022, attended by 103 employees from MJBJ Hatchery. The workers were given information on General Labor Standards, Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Family Welfare Program and the labor department’s latest issuances. The activity also included an open forum to address queries and clarifications from the participants. 

On February 24, 2022, a Labor Education for Graduating Students (LEGS) was initiated for some 196 graduating students at the Municipality of Aglipay. The students were supplied with basic information about their rights as a future member of the workforce and new learnings on how to prepare themselves in the world of work. 

Far from usual, the seminar incorporated a classroom type activity in which participants were asked to define and enumerate some of the topics covered. This is one way to assess the level of understanding of the participants from the topic. Simple tokens were also given to those who excelled in the Q & A at the conclusion of the seminar.

The Labor Education and Employment Services (LEES) is a program of DOLE to enlighten, educate and provide knowledge on the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers to attain harmonious labor-management relations. ###

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