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A single mother’s journey to success


With work/life balance already a tricky concept for married couples who work, it’s even more of a challenge for those doing it on their own. 

Ms. Elvera Asboc Telan, a mother of two and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Annafunan, Tuguegarao City, is a testament to the sheer force of will. Vera as she is fondly called by her family and friends, not only juggles all of the challenging childcare, working hours, and financial pressure but also has to deal with the need to work to provide the needs of her children and wanting to be a good parent who spends time with her kids.  


She thought her family and friends were her biggest support system but found that complete strangers can also become sudden pillars of support when she landed with the Department of Labor and Employment – Cagayan Batanes Field Office (DOLE-CBFO) as an Intern under the Government Internship Program (GIP) for one (1) year, her first work experience after graduation.  

“I have come across kindness that I never expected from the DOLE family. Mistakes happened, but those are learning opportunities to continue growing and be an amazing working mother to my two kids. The tough but gentle people I have worked with in DOLE made me the tough person I am now which I will forever be grateful for,” she recalls. 

As an Intern, she was able to gain first-hand exposure on working in the government. She was given assignments and duties that provided her not only a greater understanding of herself but also encouragement for her personal development.


Her competence and dedication to work made her eligible for a Job Order position for another year.  But in her desire to provide a better and more promising life for her children, she joined other trainees for the Philippine National Police (PNP). 

“I had nothing to fear because my vast work experience - good and bad - sharpened my character. The training helped me hone my skills and will make me become well-rounded and one of the greatest police women someday,” she said. 

True to her expectations, Vera made it to the small but growing number of policewomen in the Philippines.

“It is like being in labor. It hurts and it is hard, but once you are in the middle of it, the only way out of the pain is to keep going – focusing on my kids,” Vera said, recounting her rigid training for the PNP.

When asked what she can share to inspire single parents like her, Vera says that it is her hope that others will find encouragement in her single parent story. ###  

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