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Cultivating professional relationship and interconnections, keys to organizational success

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Day 2 of the DOLE RO2’s 2021 Year-end Performance Assessment and 2022 Planning focused on nurturing relationships within and among staff, with a focus on building a bridge towards organizational success as a result. 


Assistant Regional Director Jesus Elpidio B. Atal, Jr. discussed concepts on organizational success as support to Day 1’s presentation on setting 2022 perspectives by Regional Director Joel M. Gonzales, hoping that the crossing of both concepts shall lead to better performance along the DOLE RO2’s priorities for 2022. 


Director Gonzales meanwhile echoed today’s discussion, saying that personnel knowledge and commitment to their functions ensure success for an organization as a whole.


All of us in DOLE RO2 should know our role as this gives value to what we do as an organization,” Director Gonzales said. 


Presentation of workshop outputs were also done earlier as well as strategic plans for 2022, basing on 2021 accomplishments and in consonance to this year’s priorities.


DOLE-CAR Regional Director Nathaniel Lacambra also paid a visit to the activity earlier, expressing his support to the goals of the activity and the regional office as a whole. ### 

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