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Innovation ensured, DOLE RO2 turns kiosk into online health survey for clients


Tuguegarao City – Keeping the health and safety of clients and staff a priority, the regional office here recently turned one of its kiosks into a health survey for clients.

The said kiosk is stationed at the lobby of the regional office to aid in its goal to keep its office free from COVID-19.

Regional Director, Atty. Evelyn R. Ramos said that the converted kiosk makes the regional office a safer place for clients and staff alike.

“We want to make sure that our office remains safe and this innovation makes certain that we will be able to keep this goal of ours,” Director Ramos said.

Ms. Florie Ann Prasad, Labor and Employment Officer III and stationed adjacent to the lobby where the kiosk is placed, says that they have been receiving positive client feedbacks ever since the kiosk was fitted for health reasons.  

As a measure to ensure that clients using the kiosk remain clean, a signage to use an alcohol before and after using it is strategically placed adjacent to the kiosk.

The regional office plans to use other kiosks to be stationed in its field offices as an additional health measure, adding to the safety measures already in place such as hand-washing areas, foot baths and thermo scanners for all individuals entering DOLE establishments.

In addition, the regional office plans to configure the kiosk for it to serve as a depository for clients’ feedbacks after availing of DOLE programs and services as well.

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