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DOLE 2 grants enhancement livelihood fund to MALCO

The Malabing Literacy Credit Organization (MALCO) of Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya was granted a livelihood fund assistance to enhance their Citrus Wine Production project.

The group’s effort in practicing efficient management of the previously granted livelihood formation fund assistance amounting to P50,000.00 in 2009 which they ventured thru relending scheme among members enabled them to qualify in availing the Kabuhayan enhancement livelihood fund assistance.

The DILEEP fund amounting to P430,000.00 was awarded on June 15, 2017 by DOLE RO2 Regional Director Manuel C. Roldan to the LGU of Kasibu, represented by Hon. Alberto D. Bumolo, Jr., that acts as the accredited co-partner.  Their project on the enhancement of Citrus Wine Production has a total cost of P756,000.00 wherein both the organization and the LGU shared their counterparts of P300,000.00 and P26,000.00, respectively. 

Moreover, NVFO OIC Engr. Joseph B. Sales, reported that 3 other rural workers’ organizations also received livelihood formation fund assistance.  The awarding was done simultaneously during the awarding of the livelihood fund of MALCO.  The three other rural workers’ organizations are: Watwat Abot Palad Association with 50 membership granted an amount of P377,060.00 for their Root Crop Processing project; Lupa Ayangan Tribe Association with 35 membership and Lupa Ibaloi Tribe Association with 30 membership granted a total amount of P650,000.00 for their Agri-Farm Supply project.

RD Roldan, in his message, underscores the program’s objective that it envisions productive, gainful and secured community employment to disadvantaged and vulnerable workers in the informal economy.  He congratulated and further encouraged the beneficiaries to exert convergence efforts in pursuing with their group project for them to be able to attain their intention of alleviating poor living condition.  

Municipal Mayor Bumolo fully expressed his gratitude for the livelihood fund assistance extended to his constituents and committed for its sustenance. Further, he believes that it will augment the efforts of the LGU to uphold the present way of living of their constituents and eventually they could cope with a standard of living beyond the poverty threshold level.  


by: Gerardo M. Nicolas

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