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Former GIP Nurse displays braveness and work dedication in a bus tragic mishap

In a dreadful accident that happed in Barangay Capintalan, Caranglan, Nueva Ecija on April 18, 2017 at about 11:40 AM, reports from authorities revealed that about 72 passengers boarding the over-loaded Leo Marick Trans mini-bus going to its destination in La Union, were victims when said public utility vehicle (PUV) rammed into a 150 feet ravine causing the death of 32 passengers.  Other passengers who survived the accident suffered major injuries and were still undergoing medical treatment in the Provincial Hospital of Nueva Vizcaya (NVPH) and in Veteran’s Regional Hospital (VRH), also in the province of Nueva Vizcaya.  This traumatic incident has been a viral issue in almost all tri-media and social networks, posting opinionated comments and observations, that institutes the most forbidding incident ever happened in Philippine history.

Considering the site of the accident near Sante Fe, Local Government Unit LGU) medical workers, military personnel and volunteers from adjacent municipalities in the province of Nueva Vizcaya cooperatively extended the immediate response to help the victims.  Likewise, they exerted their smartest efforts just to help revive those who sustained major injuries.  Among the LGUs in the province who assisted is the LGU of Aritao that is located about 32 kilometers from the site of accident. 

It was during this instance that former GIP beneficiary, registered Nurse Christopher F. Lopez who was absorbed at the LGU of Aritao, was one among those who bravely and persistently extended his best effort in assisting every victim.  He performed first aide procedures like splinting, stop-bleeding treatment and dressing of wounds/abrasions before transporting the victims to about 30 minutes before reaching the nearest hospitals in the province.

27 years old “Macmac”, as fondly called by his colleagues at the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of Aritao, is a resident of Barangay Banganan of this town and raised from an indigent family.  He finished his college studies at Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong City in 2011, being a beneficiary of Lion’s Club scholarship program and also through the help of his relatives, and successfully became a full-fledged Nurse in 2012.

He started practicing his profession by availing the RNHEALS program of the DOH in 2012-2013 that started his career in the government service.  He further discovered fulfillment and strengthened his plan on his career path in the government service when he was given a slot to be one of the beneficiaries of the Government Internship Program (GIP) in 2014 and in 2015.  He served as an intern Nurse at the NVPH exposing him to actual work situation that tested his proficiency and capabilities as a Nurse.  He was constantly commended of his dedicated service by his supervisors in the hospital. 

Equipped with an extensive work experience which he acquired during his stint as intern Nurse at NVPH, he tried his luck in applying in the LGU of Aritao in which he was absorbed as a Nursing Aide contractual employee at the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of LGU Aritao.  The opportunity was granted by Mayor Lucita L. Tan and Vice Mayor Ruben M. Sayo after receiving good feedbacks in the conduct of background investigation.  He started working on January 24, 2016 under the supervision of Municipal Health Officer (MHO) Dr. Samson S. Valera, Jr. and since then he maintained his discipline of attending his duties and responsibilities through his positive work attitude.  He is given the task to provide the following services to all RHU patients like: First aiding, assist in birthing, direct observe treatment of TB and assist all walk-in / out-patient clients in their check-up procedures.

Aside from his commitment of performing his work at the RHU, Macmac also leads as president of the Aritao Rescue & Medical Service (ARMS) volunteers.  It is also in this way that he feels deeper fulfillment in public service.


In a very personal interview with Dr. Valera, he expressed his satisfaction on the way Macmac worked at the RHU because Macmac was able to show those expectations that Dr. Valera is really expecting from each staff causing the attainment of the vision of his office.  He constantly observes the industriousness and cooperativeness in working, likewise, courteousness and understanding in treating patients.   One good point that Dr. Valera shared is that he is convinced to help Macmac build up his career plan in government service through a regular employment at the LGU.

by Gerardo M. Nicolas/DOLE Nueva Vizcaya Field Office

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