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2 Farmers’ Associations avails DILEEP livelihood fund assistance

The DOLE RO2 thru Regional Director Atty. Sixto T. Rodriguez, Jr. granted the livelihood fund assistance to two farmers’ associations in the municipality of Aritao, namely: Bone South Farmers’ Association and Butao Upland Farmers’ Association with a total membership of 112 farmers from the locality. 

Out of the total project cost amounting to P1,270,480.00 for the Agri-farm Supply Store project, the DOLE granted P1,125,480.00 to finance the working capital in purchasing Agri-supplies and payment of GSIS premium for the workers’ membership to social protection programs.

In addition, the two organizations shared an equity in the amount of P145,000.00 representing the annual expenses incurred for the warehouse’ rental, salaries of store clerk & store helpers, permits and licenses and trainings/seminars.

The implementation of the said project aims to provide an opportune for the farmer beneficiaries to buy agri-farm supplies at a reasonable price.  Furthermore, it will enhance their productivity through a year-round income generating activity, likewise, it will enhance their entrepreneurial skills and capabilities as they are being exposed to actual business venture.

The beneficiaries were very thankful of the livelihood assistance provided to them by the DOLE because they will also be eased of the dreadful influence by private entrepreneurs dictating high prices of agri-farm supplies that are commonly used in farming.


by Gerardo M. Nicolas

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