Regional Programs
Projects and Services Scope

The Department of Labor and Employment has adopted four major strategies in the implementation of its programs and services. These strategies are:  Employment Generation, Employment Facilitation, Employment Enhancement and Employment Preservation.

 The four (4) major strategies of DOLE and its equivalent programs/projects as implemented nationwide:


          While the DOLE recognizes that the private sector is the primary engine of economic growth and that other government agencies that promote development through investments and infrastructure are the more significant employment generators, the DOLE still contributes in this area by providing bridging or transition opportunities, especially to the vulnerable sectors, to help them graduate into more productive, remunerative, secured or more formal employment or livelihood.

  • Workers INcome Augmentation Program (WINAP)

  • DOLE Adjustment Measures Program (DOLE-AMP

  • Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)


          Under this strategy, the DOLE provides employment facilitation and regulation services for local and overseas employment. We also harness modern technology to make more efficient the matching of job vacancies and skills supply. 

  • Public Employment Service Office (PESO)

  • Career Guidance


  • Greater Modular Access (GMA) Jobs Center

  • Alien Employment Program (AEP)

  • Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA)

  • Jobs Fair

  • Special Recruitment Activities


          Through this strategy, DOLE will provide greater access to human resource development program and protective and welfare services to safeguard workers, both in-country and overseas, particularly the most vulnerable groups, from hazardous and unhealthy working conditions.

            We shall achieve our goals through the conscientious implementation of our labor inspectorate function, the furtherance of our development programs and our contract verification and worker assistance functions for OFWs.

  • Labor Standards and Enforcement Framework (LSEF)

  • Department Order No. 18 (Contractor/Sub-contractor)

  • Social Amelioration Program (SAP)

  • Family Welfare Program (FWP)

  • Philippine Program Against Child Labor (PPACL)

  • Small Money Claims

  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

  • Workers Organization Development Program (WODP)

  • Tulong Alalay sa Taong may Kapansanan (TULAY)


         DOLE supports the promotion of industrial peace through education, expeditious and fair resolution of labor disputes, enhancement of labor-management cooperation and promotion of tripartism in policy and decision making in order to preserve jobs and enhance the quality of employment in the country.

  • Labor, Human Relations and Productivity (LHP)

  • Union, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and Rural Workers Association Registration

  • Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (RTIPC)

  • Labor Education for Graduating Students (LEGS)

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